Usage: Tennis, Multisport pitches, urban green spaces, leisure areas, green belts on the side of motorways, swimming pools, terraces, balconies, playgrounds.

Woven grass D-ECO Twister is an extremely dense, durable, long-life product. It is mainly used for multifunctional sports fields, urban green areas, recreational places, swimming pools, gardens, balconies and terraces. Due to the high durability of the product, it can also be used for a playground. It is a very durable surface, used on the outskirts of the fields and tennis courts.

Usage: Football - Non infill grass

D-ECO Pulsce is 4G artificial grass. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, this grass,  laid on a shockpad, fulfil high-quality standards for non-infill football pitches.
This grass is characterized by special strength and durability through the use of high quality, carefully selected materials and innovative weaving technology. Product intended for non-infill school pitches. Perfectly fulfills the role of a very durable surface used on the outskirts of football pitches.