DYWILAN Wovengrass

We care about continuous development, proving that our artificial grass can meet the highest world performance and quality standards.


140 years of weaving tradition

Years of experience in the production of woven products and technological innovations resulted in 2010 in a new, breakthrough WOVEN artificial grass. Since then we pride ourselves as the world’s first manufacturer of woven grass for football pitches, multi-sport turf and mats for hybrid surfaces. Dywilan manufactures technologically advanced, sustainable, fully recyclable products, characterized by exceptional durability and natural appearance.

\ History

From rugs
to woven grass

The DYWILAN brand is well known on the Polish and European markets for high-quality machine-woven woolen carpets. Although the company’s history dates back to the 19th century, today DYWILAN is an innovative and modern company that focuses at continuous development.

\ From 1891 to the future


Our social responsibility

We are a Polish family company with many years of experience. We provide users of sports surfaces with a product that surpasses the accepted standards, amazes with its durability, captivates with its aesthetics and delights with the application of pro-ecological solutions.

From the very beginning we have been connected with Lodz and its industrial traditions and we participate in building a positive image of the city as a friendly place for innovative companies. We value common goals, innovation and tradition in a modern way. While pursuing our business goals, we do not forget about the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. We are constantly improving and taking on new challenges to be able to meet market expectations to an even greater extent. We are committed to the idea of social responsibility, which we try to implement in our daily operations by complying with legal regulations and maintaining good relations with our stakeholders.rn

rnWe pay special attention to the needs of our customers by offering them a wide range of high quality products. We reliably inform about the features of the products we offer. We adapt to individual needs and expectations. We are a valued business partner, as evidenced by the awards and distinctions awarded to us.rn

rnWe are aware that our activities are related to the impact on the environment. We take a prudent approach to the management of natural resources, including the use of renewable energy sources. We see responsible approach to the environment as a source of competitive advantage, therefore we consistently strive to reduce negative impact and look for environmentally friendly product innovations.rn

rnOur valuable resource are our employees. It is thanks to their experience in weaving technology that we can enter new production areas and meet growing market requirements. Providing them with work in safe and hygienic conditions, caring for their professional development and creating stable workplaces we try to be a responsible employer.rn

rnWe are open to cooperation with the local community and we care about good relationships with suppliers. We cooperate with Łódź entrepreneurs and universities thanks to which we co-create the economic and human resources potential of the region. We support youth sports sections as well as local kindergartens, schools and places of culture such as theaters and museums.rn

rnWe make every effort to ensure that our business brings as many benefits as possible while respecting the rights of all market participants.


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