We are a family company that takes its inspiration from the roots of the DYWILAN brand which goes back to the 19th century. From the very beginning, we have been connected with Łódź and its industrial traditions and we participate in building a positive image of the city as a friendly place for innovative companies.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to shape the proper working culture inside DYWILAN sp. z o.o. and between DYWILAN sp. z o.o. and its environment.

The Code contains the main principles of conduct for Employees of DYWILAN Sp. z o.o. in terms of professional and social ethics, ensuring the fulfilment of the company’s mission and growth strategy as well as the satisfaction of the Customers.


At DYWILAN Sp. z o.o., we comply with national and international law as well as with the main standards of ethical conduct.

We promote ethical attitudes and behaviours in every aspect of business collaboration among our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. Our priority is safety in regards to the internal and external environment.

We conduct business taking into account the constant improvement of our employees’ skills and the use of high-end technologies while focusing on observing the company’s values and the principles of the Code of Ethics.


Our values are the foundation for everything we do. They define us as an organisation and influence our conduct and the manner of collaboration with our Customers.

We believe that ethical values are the basis for the actions of every company and the common business goal is striving for integrity in mutual relationships and compliance with specific standards.

Our key values are:

Customer orientation

We know that the success of the company depends on the satisfaction of our customers. That is why we take all our actions with one main goal in mind—care for the Customer’s satisfaction.

Employee engagement

Employees at all levels are the essence of an organisation. The total involvement and engagement of all employees allow for the use of their skills and abilities for the good of the organisation.

Social responsibility

We conduct our social activities not only through actions consistent with the Code of Ethics. We consciously influence our natural and social environment, actively participating in the life of the local community by supporting both individuals and charities.


The effectiveness of our projects is mainly the result of how we understand the essence of our relationship with Customers. Partner relationships are the basis for establishing long-term collaborations.

Professionalism and expertise

We know how important it is to continuously improve qualifications. Improving the abilities of our employees is a necessary investment in the growth of the company and constitutes a constant element of our personnel policy. Employees regularly participate in training at home and abroad.


Every stage of our work is conducted ethically. Ethical responsibility improves the actions of our company and reduces the costs of potential conflicts that may arise due to an unawareness of moral principles in business.

Occupational Health and Safety are a priority for us, that is why we systematically increase the level of health and safety protection at the workplace and never force anyone to work in harmful or dangerous conditions.

Respect for humanrights

Respect for fundamental human rights is our main goal. We comply with the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

In our daily work, we adhere to the principles of efficient use of energy and natural resource, reducing the carbon footprint, water consumption and non-recyclable waste. Protecting the environment is our priority because we recognise the long-term effects of the steps taken to protect it.

Employee relationships

All our employees have equal opportunities. We have created a non-discriminatory culture based on mutual respect, acceptance for differences and the absence of discrimination of any kind. We eliminate all unfair or discriminatory practices, adhere to the labour law and reward the employees in line with the applicable standards.

Personal data protection

The principles of personal data confidentiality are complied with in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

Business practice

Pursuant to the Code of Ethics, our employees must act in a right and fair manner in every aspect of their relationships with other employees, the management board of the company, customers and the business partners.


DYWILAN reserves the right to change the content of this Code in order to adjust it to the current needs. Employees will be kept informed of major changes on an ongoing basis.

The changes may result from the constantly changing social and economic reality.

This Code of Ethics will serve its purpose only if all employees comply with and keep improving its provisions.

The Management Board of DYWILAN Sp. z o.o. declares it will maintain constant supervision over the level of compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and periodically review selected processes in terms of the said compliance.

Lodz, 30 September2021